What COVID-19 Did For My Business

As we come up to the UK’s 1 year anniversary of the lockdown for COVID-19 I can’t help but reflect on how much things have changed in the past 12 months. In a time where families are separated from each other and unemployment has risen, where employees are being put on furlough and children are being educated at home, it’s difficult to see any plus sides to this pandemic.

I look back to where I was exactly 12 months ago, I had just taken up an amazing opportunity to work under the umbrella of a friend’s healing business. We were building an incredible team and were going to be unstoppable when it came to providing a holistic healing experience. From entity removal to karmic rebalancing, massage to sound healing we thought we had all the bases covered ready to fight the good fight. I was just about to host my first sound bath and I was so excited for the future, I felt like this was what I was meant to be doing, the universe had pushed me in this direction for a reason. Then the lockdown happened. I felt rocked to my core, I couldn’t work as a healer anymore and who knew when I would be able to again?!

I had been running a small online shop for about 15 months at that stage, it was something that had started with jewellery making and grown to stocking products from UK wholesalers. I had fallen out of love with it just prior to starting the healing work, my orders were sporadic, it felt like hard work for very little payoff, and if I am honest, I had been considering closing it all down once my healing business took off. Then with lockdown came the insurgence of online shopping. The orders started picking up, I started to enjoy seeing those orders pop up! Slowly, I started to see new products I wanted to add, I saw my Facebook following rise and I felt that passion once again.

Like many in March of last year, I joined TikTok. I started searching out topics I was interested in, including WitchTok. Watching witches from all over the world practice and talk about their path helped me realise I had lost my way there too, I had disconnected from my own practice. I took the time to reignite my passion for that too, I started performing more rituals, more spell work, more devotions to my diety. Then it clicked, why am I not doing more of this on my shop? I began stocking more witchy items, more spell work, more altar essentials. I started posting more witch-related memes, I joined witchy market groups on Facebook and talking about my practice and the sabbats. In 10 months I’ve gone from spending maybe an hour or two a week on Astrid’s Attic, to spending an hour or two a day on promoting and growing my business.

Customer Photo of Their Order Upon Receipt

While it feels so crass to say COVID-19 saved my business while so many people are struggling, I can honestly say it’s given me a renewed passion and focus. I feel closer and closer to my goal of opening up a physical shop every day while also feeling so humbled that my customers come back repeatedly. I now pour my heart and soul into each order, delicately wrapping each item, tying with twine and sealing with wax. Every time I get a review or an email from customers telling me how much they love my products or how much they appreciate my business, I genuinely get choked up. I can’t believe that this is my life and that people remember my business and seek me out. At Christmas, I went through my customers and sent all of my repeat customers a card to thank them for supporting me and wishing them all the best for 2021 because without these people Astrid’s Attic would be nothing and I would be stuck and with my husband being put on flexi-furlough several times we would never have survived January.

I look forward, each day to seeking out new products and coming up with new ideas for the shop and I am so grateful to have something positive to focus on in such uncertain times, maybe I’ll go back to healing, maybe I won’t. But what I do know is Astrid’s Attic is here to stay and I truly have the best customers in the country.




Sarah is a gifted witch and healer with Romani heritage with over 20 years experience in the craft.

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Sarah Nash

Sarah Nash

Sarah is a gifted witch and healer with Romani heritage with over 20 years experience in the craft.

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